Exclusive Furniture hand crafted in Cape Town


Feb 2016

As humans we’ve all had those moments when we’re sitting at home and start craving a quick trip to the store to pick up an ice-cream or a drive around town in our pyjamas. But no one really does that by themselves, it’s kinda boring and it’s so much better when you have someone next to you to tell you

The business of local manufacturing can sometimes be tricky – especially when it comes to keeping the cost down. But at the end of the day we think it’s completely worth it, and here’s why…

While stack-and-pack from overseas production lines may be cheaper, and hey, it could even be faster, the benefits end about there. The quality of handmade goods

Nov 2015

That perfect gift is not always easy to find, sometimes it’s hidden in a dusty corner of an antique store or it requires driving through Cape Town traffic in December or battling the malls as everyone scrambles to get their last minute shopping done, something no one envies. Sometimes, however, all it requires is a few clicks of a button

Sep 2015

Spring has sprung here in the sunny Western Cape, home not only to the most beautiful Protea florals in the world, but also the home of Cape Town’s own Taylor Joy Furnishers. With fresh-as-a-daisy new design trends, Taylor Joy is embracing the spirit of spring this month and keeping things fresh! It’s out with the old and in with the

Summer is almost upon us in Cape Town and we’re craving the colours of everyone’s favourite season. We can’t wait to kick off our winter warmers and replace them with floppy hats and sandals. Sometimes though, picking out that perfect outfit is hard and we revert back to the same white cotton shirt and jeans over and over again. That’s