Exclusive Furniture hand crafted in Cape Town

Taylor Joy – The Inspiration

Taylor Joy, the business, started out as the embodiment of the child that has inspired it. Taylor’s love for butterflies, colour, and her exuberant personality inspired those close to her to create furniture that emulated these qualities; so as to provide options for brightening the living spaces of colourful, creative individuals the Cape over.

Taylor Joy furniture is cheeky and whimsical, yet sophisticated and timeless.

It soon became clear to us that our creative brand was captivating young and old alike; and we asked ourselves why our little ones get to have all the fun? We here at Taylor Joy are proud to cater to our clients every need; from classic TV wall-units in colours that will never go out of style, to more eclectic pieces for the eccentric individual, we are proud to supply imaginative furniture to young and old alike.

Creating Taylor Joy has been a celebration of the diversity and colour of Cape Town, and the eagerness of fellow Capetonians’ to assist and support our vision in every endeavour. This coming together of people celebrates the foundational familial spirit we celebrate here at Taylor Joy; combined with our ongoing passion for timeless furniture and community empowerment we here at Taylor Joy are thrilled to offer our clients a proudly South African product that is also proudly reflective of themselves as individuals; with our endless customization options our furniture is the ultimate expression of individuality!

Here at Taylor Joy we believe our attention to detail, and our ability to enter into a one-on-one collaboration with our clients is what sets us apart from our global competitors. Each and every piece of exclusively customized furniture available through Taylor Joy is meticulously handcrafted, hand-painted and personally finished by the Taylor Joy ‘family’; and we stand behind the proudly South African quality and integrity of every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop.
By purchasing your home furnishings from Taylor Joy you are supporting the development of your own local economy, helping our ‘family’ to grow and thus addressing the crippling unemployment rate in our country as a whole, and you are contributing to the development and betterment of skills in your direct environment. When choosing Taylor Joy, you are choosing the betterment of your South Africa!